who we are

We're concerned about you arriving safely to your destination so you don't have to be.

Our Okeechobee based company, Carr Construction, LLC, was founded in 2009 and has been steadily building its fleet since. Our founder is born and raised in Florida, and has dedicated his life's work to improving Florida's roadways for its residents and visitors.

We specialize in constructing and maintaining roadway signalization, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), roadway lighting, and roadway signage. With a high caliber of proficiency and passion, Carr Construction LLC of Florida provides quality results that ensures the organization, safety, and free-flowing roadway navigation that the people of Florida deserve. Our commitment to expertise is what keeps Carr Construction LLC motivated to meet the needs of the residents of Florida, our valued customers, and our cherished employees and their families.

Carr Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer that looks to employ hard working and dedicated people. We have certified lineman, IMSA signal technicians, streetlight technicians, drilled shaft specialists, and many others.

Striving for excellence on a daily basis is what we do because it's what our family of employees and customers expect. We do all we do with a high level of commitment because we believe in a creative and dynamic knowledge base that serves everyone involved.